Rental Policies

Martha's Vineyard Rentals Process

Welcome to our rental site. Our staff of professional licensed real estate agents is here to make your vacation rental experience as effortless as possible. We pride ourselves on personal service and lasting relationships. For this reason we do not provide on-line booking services. Once we have received your email or telephone request one of our agents will contact you personally, assisting you with all the necessary details to ensure an enjoyable Vineyard vacation.

Please note: The renter is entering a contractual agreement with a specific property owner. Martha’s Vineyard Rentals acts as a representative and facilitator on behalf of our owners. While we make every effort to represent details accurately, they are not guaranteed. Vacation Rentals' Rates and availability are subject to change.

Lease and Policy

Once you have selected your vacation home and we have confirmed your rental dates with the owner of the property we will forward the lease to you. On this lease you will find the following itemized charges: 

1) The rental rate.
2) Refundable security deposit. *see security deposit policy. 
3) Administrative fee – 3% of the total rental rate, never to exceed $100.00.
4) Cleaning fee – customarily included in the rental rate, if additional clean fee is required it is posted on the listing, (some additional variations exist).  Please view details on each individual listing just below the calendar.
5) Payment schedule – payment due dates are clearly stated on page one of your lease.  You rental specialist will outline the details in an email to you prior to your lease.

Please remember, your lease is a legally binding contract. Please read carefully before signing.

Deposit Policy

If your booking is more than seventy (70) days prior to your arrival date a deposit equal to 50% of the rental rate plus handling fee is required with your signed lease. The second and final payment, which includes security deposit, is due sixty (60) days prior to your arrival date. Due dates will be indicated on page one of your lease. 

When booking is under seventy (70) days prior to your arrival, the total amount is due with your signed lease. Payment methods may include wire transfer and faxed lease, or overnight mail and payment by cashiers check. Your agent will assist you with best method. 

Payments: we are sorry but we do not accept credit cards. Personal checks are accepted when paid far enough in advance. Otherwise, money order, cashier’s check or wire transfer is necessary.

Security Deposit Policy

Security deposits are due with the final payment and returned within 60 days from the date of departure and after verification with the owner that there are no additional charges due to damages, excessive cleaning or violations of the lease per the terms of the lease. Please carefully read your lease and please observe all terms of your lease to avoid any unpleasant security deposit deductions. The instances of such deductions are very rare and only when legitimate violations of the lease are identified. 

Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rentals retains all security deposits in escrow, other than for a very small percentage of homeowners who require holding the deposit themselves. We will facilitate correspondence due to damages but we are not ultimately responsible for deductions by the property owner.

Cancellation Policy and Refund

If it becomes necessary to cancel your leased period, a notice of cancelation is required via email, fax or mail. Every effort via customary marketing will be made to fill the canceled leased period. Any remaining balance will be due on the date indicated on your lease regardless of cancelation. A refund will be issued if the property is re-rented minus a 15% cancelation fee of the total rental rate, minus the handling fee. If your leased period is re-rented for a lesser amount, the refund will be adjusted accordingly.