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For many of us, last summer's vacation was canceled or postponed, and even if we did venture away, our favorite destinations looked quite different than we're used to. If we've learned one thing over the past year, it's that family, togetherness, and cherishing the little things are what matter most.

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Renowned for its well-preserved natural beauty, historic whaling towns and idyllic island atmosphere, Martha’s Vineyard is a coveted island destination. Like all islands, getting to “the Vineyard” requires a bit more effort than your average seaside escape, but it’s well worth it. Located six miles south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard is only accessible via ferry or air—there are no bridges or tunnels. However, there are several ferry options depending on the time of year and if you plan to bring a car or not. To help you determine your best option for getting to Martha’s Vineyard, we comprised a travel guide.