5 Must Try Spring Activities on Martha’s Vineyard

26 Mar 2024
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Martha's Vineyard Seasons

A Guide to Spring Adventures on Martha’s Vineyard

When the first sign of color appears on the landscape, Martha’s Vineyard awakens from hibernation and greets guests with many seasonal treats. The beginning of April is a slower, more peaceful period and an ideal retreat for visitors needing a quiet sanctuary before the island activity picks up. Indulge in off-season activities and fully experience the shift from winter’s lull to summer’s excitement!  Whether you want to view the eccentric appeal of the gingerbread houses or the tranquility of the Polly Hill Arboretum, you can bask in the beauty of nature to welcome the spring. These local treasures present a chance for community members and visitors to come together and celebrate the charm of Martha’s Vineyard. Here are a few things you can do to make the most of your 2024 spring trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

Discover the Enchanting Gingerbread Cottages

The Oak Bluffs community is the liveliest seaside splendor on Martha’s Vineyard. A religious retreat in the early 1800s, the gingerbread cottages started as a Methodist campground that transitioned into an architecturally ornate summer community now known as Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association Cottage. The pastel colors, decorative trims, and whimsical motifs resonate throughout the community and give each home an individual personality. Walking through the neighborhood with the colors of spring sprinkled throughout resembles walking through a quirky town in a fairytale neighborhood. After exploring, you can grab a bite to eat near Oak Bluff Harbor or learn more about the history of the gingerbread cottages at the Cottage Museum.

Embrace Spring Forest Bathing at the Polly Hill Arboretum

A Japanese practice, Shinrin-Yoku or Forest Bathing, boosts creativity, mental health, and the immune response. Reset your mind and body by nurturing your spirit in the lush landscape of the forest. During the spring, the forest bursts into a colorful painting as wildflowers adorn the trees and forest floor. A guided walk through the arboretum in its prime only happens twice a year. April 13th and May 4, 2024, you can participate in the rejuvenating practice of spring forest bathing at the Polly Hill Arboretum. Take a moment to yourself as you stroll along the path, listen to birds, and take in the fresh air. You can even plan for a picnic as you embrace the still calm of the off-season adventures on Martha's Vineyard.

Martha's Vineyard arboretum walking trail

Explore Art and Nature Along the Sculpture Trail

Starting Easter weekend, you can visit the Island Folk Pottery Trail and admire the crafts of Bill O’Callaghan and Heather Goff. Pair your love for art and nature as you uncover intricate scenes and explore the fantastic worlds created by each sculpture in the woods. From fairy houses to dragons, you’ll find elaborate settings and even hand-sculpted furniture that will have you spending hours wandering to find the next scene. The half-mile trail leading into the woods of Chilmark, MA, is just a short drive from West Tisbury. A leisurely walk or bike ride along the sculpture trail as the flowers bloom is a memorable experience and the perfect way to welcome spring on Martha’s Vineyard.

Visit Flying Horses for Opening Day

The Flying Horses Carousel is a historic attraction originally operated in Coney Island. It was added to the Oak Bluffs community in 1986 to protect it from being dismantled and has become a community staple. Stepping onto the platform is like stepping into a portal that leads back to your childhood, representing a pocket of time full of joy and laughter. Now, the spring season breathes life into the hand-carved horses and awakens the child in everyone! From arcade games to concessions, the Flying Horses Carousel is a must-see attraction that highlights one of the oldest carousels in America, marking another piece of history woven into the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Plan an event or see if you can reach the brass ring that has brought families joy time and time again!

Experience the Annual Shearing at Island Alpaca

Join Island Alpaca for the 19th annual Island Alpaca Shearing Day! Do not miss this family-friendly event and a chance to meet and learn about alpacas. In Martha’s Vineyard, this event is one of the most anticipated! Alpacas get shorn once every spring to keep cool during the spring and summer. This event marks the official transition from winter to spring and is attended by guests and visitors alike! At Island Alpaca, you can witness the shearing event and enjoy the beautiful creations from the fibers at the farm’s gift shop. Engage in hands-on activities to learn more about how the alpacas are cared for and even join workshops to learn how to spin freshly shorn yarn.

Fishing village in Chilmark, MA, no Martha's Vineyard

Where to Stay on Martha’s Vineyard in the Spring

From the vibrant allure of the gingerbread cottages to the serenity of the Polly Hill Arboretum and sculpture trail, there’s a spring ritual for everyone on Martha’s Vinyard. Planning your spring getaway is simple when you find the perfect luxury vacation rental to match. Live like the locals when you rent one of our vacation homes in one of many communities on the island. Whether you prefer the historic Oak Bluffs cottages, the tranquil villages in Chilmark, or the lively sounds of the main port in Vineyard Haven, Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Rentals offers a wide range of homes with countless amenities for your friends and family to enjoy.  Take in the beauty of Martha’s Vineyard while relaxing in your own oasis! Book your stay online and discover why Martha’s Vineyard is the most relaxing destination for your spring getaway.

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